Sunday, June 10, 2012


Hello. My name is Brittany. I have cerebral palsy, or CP for short. Because of my CP, I have trouble using my arms and legs. I can’t write with a pencil, so my mother is helping me out with this. I can type, but it takes me a long time.

The hardest part about my life is that people underestimate my intelligence. I don’t have a comorbid cognitive delay with my CP, it only affects my physical mobility. But I am behind in school.

I go to the doctor at least once a week: physical therapy, speech therapy, occupational therapy, etc. All of these things interfere with my school day. I miss a lot of school. Over the years, I’ve missed about 25% of school days. Because of that, I’m in a separate classroom.

I love to read but because of my writing and speaking difficulties I have trouble “showing what I know.” Other students think that because I have to circle the answers or type out a worksheet page that I’m not smart. They avoid talking to me. The students in my separate class have cognitive delays and social deficits. I try to help them with their school work, but it’s hard to be their friends.

I have a tutor. His name is Martin. He has curly hair and lots of wrinkles. he helps me learn the stuff I would learn if I could keep up in a regular classroom. He tells me that I could keep up fine if I didn’t have to miss so much school. That just makes me angry.

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