Friday, May 30, 2014

Four Book Challenge

Since my epic New Year's Resolution from 2013, I've not been particularly enthralled to read anything besides what my book club suggests. However, the other day I spent hours poring over book summaries and reviews on and I made four lists: To Read (Fiction), To Read (Nonfiction), To Read (Historical Fiction), and To Read (Mystery). Those are my four favorite genres. There weren't many good fantasy or scifi on there (work on that goodreads!).

Now what to do with these lists. How to tackle such an extensive amount of books without repeating myself. One or two books from each list were calling to me, luring me into submission. So I have a plan.

I'm going to do a reading relay race to see how fast I can finish one book from each list. Every time I get bored of reading one of the books, I will switch to another to keep me reading and keep it fresh. After however much time, I will have read four books.

I'm hoping for some amazing record like two days or something (personal best, what what), but life does have a way of getting in the, well, way. This is a good time to try because my boyfriend is going on video game vacation for the next week to forever (give or take). I have at least one Saturday with zero plans and one modestly bare Sunday as well.

I invite my limited readers to join me in challenging yourself to relay books you've been putting off reading. Psychologically, it really helps to switch your attention when you start to get bored. It increases motivation and prevents people from taking long unnecessary breaks. I used to do this when I read textbooks in college because it kept me from falling asleep or having to reread the same sentence fifty million times - believe it or not I'm one of those crazy people who literally did all assigned readings in college AND mostly read all the optional reading as well, all the while my peers were telling me it was impossible. Relaying is the way to go my friends.

Anyway, wish me luck and I hope you try it out. See you after for a massive four-book review and challenge summary :). Off I gooooooooooooooo. Fade to quiet because I'm trying to read damnit.