Saturday, May 19, 2012

Birthing of an Alphabet

Her feeling thus was amorous;
His feeling merely beastial.
Thus their acts were cordial.

There remained a cosmic dissonance,
An interrupting electricity
That continued on, frenetic.

And on they grappled.
There would be no honor
If the victory was instant.

There were no jurors.
They required a kleptomaniac
To steal the moments, languid.

To be so monstrous.
To make the word “never”
Less ominous,
More porous.

To breed the lacking quality;
Reinstitute the racket;
To make them swear,
At their most terrified,
To be upstanding
and have some valor.

They were to keep the universe in whack
Until the day they were exes.
And on that day to warn us with a yowl
So we will know it is our zed.

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