Monday, December 19, 2011


As he pulls you from the abstract well…
Sit straight up.
Tick tick tick. Goes the wall clock.
Hear that and that.
Sirens in the midnight clear.
Clacks and hums from the heater.
Bzzzzzz. The broken freezer.
Your neighbor vomiting by your and his shared bathroom wall.
His alarm beeping. And then quiet. And then beeping for hours.
The crank of a door down the hall at two.
Creak goes the mattress as you turn over.
Hum goes the air.
Whoosh goes the air next to your ears.
He magically pulls you from the well wheel dry…
A foot.
His foot tapping in your ankle.
An elbow in your back.
A heavy breathing.
A turning, turning, sighing.
Springs in your mattress.
Blue glow from the clock.
Fluttering lights on the window pane.
The surge protector's orange switch glow.
Twisted sheets.
Turn over and over.
Along the well he magically pulls you.

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