Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Belated Christmas Post

Forgive me, the Christmas season got in the way of my writing.

I'm trying to think of a good creative topic sentence and I'm getting oranges in the stocking toes.

None of us got oranges in our stockings, but I think we discussed it during the stocking opening.
The first stocking opening. I got two this year.

This year, Christmas made me tired. In fact, I enjoyed more just sitting around with family way into the night before and after Christmas.

I received everything I wanted, and my birthday is coming up. I really can't remember what else I asked for. Turning 23 isn't so big anyway. Mostly everybody does it sometime.

Perhaps a Christmas poem inspired by my family…

12 drunkards drinking
11 Winos whining
10 unopened gifts
9 broken down boxes
8 family members
7 Friscos frolicking
6 stocking stuffers
5 darling daughters
4 sets of bowls
3 text messages
2 gag gifts
and a brand new pair of jeans.

This is how my family does Christmas…

Merry Christmas everyone! I promise I'll be more on my game next weekend.

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