Sunday, April 29, 2012

The Benefit of Trees

I’ve watched the trees always. They bend and twist, reaching for the sun, creating tunnels for cars. Shading the roads.

I bend, twist, and reach too. I’m not looking for the sun. I feel kin to the trees though. Shading and protecting others while I strain towards my goal.

Me and the trees aren’t free. Birds are free to roam. We are rooted in the ground. We go down as we grow up. We hold on below as our arms stretch ever upward.

The sun is billions of lengths from the trees. Is my goal? My dream. I am awake enough to know when there is no hope of success, aren’t I? I am not as the trees, unknowing and needy.

I am connected to my home. But my legs aren’t buried in dirt to my knees and growing ever downward. I can walk though I can’t fly. I can find the sun and the wind without growing. My movement is freer.

No one ever told me, before I figured it out, that the trees looked for the sun and that is why they bend. I just looked at them and knew. Only later did I have evidence (photosynthesis and all that).

Trees stay alive by reaching up and down at the same time. Is that how I change? Do I need to connect to my roots while looking into the future? That is how we humans live and grow and learn.

Perhaps we should take our lessons from the trees. Studying them always.

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